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ON REPEAT #2 - back in December 2015 I published this post sharing a list of songs that I had been playing on repeat. Since that obviously was a quite a while ago, I thought it was about time I write another post like that. So here's a couple of songs I've been loving recently, plus a few pictures I forced Philipp to take for/of me this week:

wish that I could say this to your face
something different, something brave 
- Forgive And Forget by A Day To Remember 

I want to live like no on before
as if we'd rule the world, miles to explore 
- I'd Like To Die by Anberlin

it must have been inside my head
I've lost the hope that I have lived
and now, at last, it comes to pass
we sleep, we dream, we have no less
along the path we lost our way
it's all a game that I must play
- The Dark Of You by Breaking Benjamin

even if there is no purpose
to the things that you have gone through
an ordeal can reveal an airfield
- Airfield by Enter Shikari

what do I do to ignore them behind me
do I follow my instincts blindly
- By Myself by Linkin Park

we are just
misguided ghosts
travelin' endlessly
- Misguided Ghosts by Paramore 

my dreams are not unlike yours
they long for the safety
and break like a glass chandelier
but there's laughter and oh there is love
just past the edge of our fears
- People Live Here by Rise Against

hello darkness
my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
- The Sound Of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

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