moments worth remembering

Back in December, Jutta and I made plans for her to come visit me and Philipp at our place. She bought her train tickets for the beginning of February, which felt like it was still ages away at the time. But before we knew it, February had come and it was time for her to hop on a train. (Or three different trains, to be precise.) We had last seen each other at the start of October, when we spent a few days together at Jutta's place and she showed us around her home town.

It was a sunny Wednesday, February 7th, when she finally arrived at the station after about 8 hours of travel. We hugged and walked home and it didn't quite feel like we hadn't seen one another in over four months. Jutta and I met through Instagram and first spent time together at an event in September 2014. Since then we've been in contact on social media and have seen each other about once a year, which - thinking about it - really isn't a lot. But still, I'd say she's one of my closest friends. It's weird and amazing at the same time, meeting someone you just get along with instantly. And even if sometimes, we don't talk for weeks and sometimes, I wish we didn't live so far apart, it's great to know she's always there, somewhere.

Anyway, so we spent six whole days together last week and I couldn't quite believe when Monday rolled around and I had to drop her off at the station again. Time truly flies when you're spending it with someone special! Jutta and I spent a lot of time on the sofa, trinking tea and talking (as usual). We ate donuts, made pelmeni and lasagna and pizza and bought a dozen different kinds of toffee at a Russian supermarket. We went shopping for socks and brush pens, played billiards, went on walks and wrote blogposts about sustainability together. Even though we bonded over makeup all those years ago, we don't really care about beauty stuff anymore and have since discovered other interests we both share. It's great that we both changed so much since we first met and even though we don't see each other that often, we still changed in a similar way.

Saturday was probably my favourite day out of all of the ones we spent together. Even though it was freezing cold and mostly cloudy, we went to one of the most famous places in Saxon Switzerland and spent a few hours there. Jutta usually isn't as outdoorsy as Philipp and I are but we just had to show her around. It's always kind of crowded and even when we went there for sunrise a few months ago, it wasn't completely empty. But luckily, there weren't too many people and we had quite a relaxing Saturday afternoon there, considering it's usually flooded with tourists.

We walked around, explored and took pictures. Even though the greyness in the sky made everything seem kind of dull, we still managed to capture a couple of moody moments. Jutta took pictures of long withered heather and I took pictures of her. We enjoyed the view over the hills and rocks until our hands and noses felt too cold and we decided it was time to go back to the car. We definitely shared more than just a few moments worth remembering that day.

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