fire and ice

I'm back home from Iceland and it was even more amazing than I had ever dared to imagine! I had heard beforehand that Iceland's landscape is incredibly diverse and breathtakingly beautiful but wow! It is even more stunning than I thought! The beauty and diversity of the entire country just absolutely blew my mind! Exclamation marks needed! 

During the trip, we spent a lot of time driving around in our rental car, exploring the island and discovering new things behind every bend. We could literally have stopped every few 100 metres to take pictures of the Icelandic roads and ever-changing landscapes, and I took so many while Philipp took his turn driving, I could probably fill a whole book with them!

I've just never been to a place this mesmerizing before. Fire and ice. Sun and storm. Blue and grey and green and red and white and black and brown and purple. Parts of the country are very moutainous, others quite flat. There's sleeping volcanoes and stony craters and bubbling hot springs. Massive glaciers and small drifting icebergs and remains of a snowy winter. Roaring waterfalls, deep fjords and shallow rivers. Colorful lava fields, green fields of moss-covered stones and grassy fields with hundreds of sheep. Rock formations and coastal cliffs. Canyons and fissures. Black sand beaches and beaches with golden sand. Lakes and hills. Small forests. Lupines. I can't even name it all, and I don't actually think my pictures do it any justice.

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