5 things I realized after getting my first tattoo

I can't believe it has been nine months since I had my first tattoo done and I still haven't gotten around to publishing a proper blogpost about it - until today! I've actually already mentioned my tattoo here and there and I also shared a few glimpses on Instagram but for some reason writing a whole separate post about it makes it feel that much more official. Not that anybody would care, really. But I still thought I'd share my experience and write about some of the things I've realized since getting tattooed. Maybe these actually are helpful to some of you. 

Make sure your tattoo artist knows exactly what you want and how you want it. Share your ideas. Be specific. Also tell them what you don't want and make sure they understand it. Listen to what they have to say about it. Especially when you're getting your first tattoo and you don't quite know how it all works, it is important that you take your time. And take their advice. I discussed everything with my artist for half an hour before he actually started tattooing. We talked about the style, the size and the positioning, he told me what he thought would look best and I particularly told him I wanted the top of my transmission tower facing towards my wrist. Although I like the way it turned out, I still think I could have been even more specific.

Be aware of the fact that your tattoo will age. After it has healed completely, it will look sharp and vibrant for a while, but eventually your tattoo will start fading and changing. There's so many factors that contribute to the whole aging process. It depends on its overall style and size, the thickness of the lines, the ink, the positioning and whether it is exposed to the sun a lot or not. And of course the way it was tattooed, how your body takes the ink and how it heals plays a big part in it as well. I feel like my tattoo has healed a little uneven and some of the lines have definitely bled a tiny bit. But that's something my artist told me might happen, especially since the lines are of a finer sort and they are quite close together. Originally, I wanted my tattoo to be even smaller, but he said the smaller it is, the higher chances are that it might end up looking like one big blurry blob at some point. And I obviously didn't want that.

You never know whether or not you'll be happy with your tattoo for the rest of your life. You just don't. And that's okay. You should still be responsible and think about it for a while before getting tattooed, though. But even if you've been wanting it for ages and on the day you're getting it done, you're so sure that you'll love it forever, there's always a possibility that someday you might not like it as much anymore. Your life might change, your taste might change. You will definitely grow and change as a person. And maybe you will start regretting it. Or maybe you will love your tattoo forever. You never know beforehand. Althought that's totally fine, it's something you should keep in mind.

Even though you constantly evolve and change throughout your life, getting a tattoo does not automatically turn you into a whole new person. It does not instantly make you better or worse. The way that society perceives you might suddenly change though. People might see your tattoo and think you're a bad person. Or a bad ass bitch. Which in turn may change the way you see yourself. But then again, that doesn't really matter. People will always judge you anyway, no matter what.

Be prepared to be asked many (stupid) questions about your tattoo. People are insanely curious. They will want to know everything. Why did you get a tattoo? Why this tattoo? What's its meaning? Did it hurt? How much did it cost? What if you'll regret it? They might never say a word about your hair color or the way you dress, but for some strange reason people will feel the need to comment on your tattoo. For a while, I had a photo of my tattoo on my personal FB account and a couple of months ago, some strange guy randomly contacted me and wanted to know why I have a transmission tower tattoo. His message literally said transmission tower? That was it. I mean, what did he expect me to answer?

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