rainy day adventures

October 15, 2016

Memories of a rainy day in October spent hiking through rugged landscapes. 

Discovering miniature worlds; tiny droplets of water on skinny culms or seemingly fragile spider's webs; a thousand shades of moss sprawling on rock formations. Enjoying the calmness of the misty mountains, breathing in the crisp fall air, taking pictures of grass and trees and rocks and paths. Roaming on muddy trails and slippery stones. Mud on my shoes, on my jeans, on my hands. Climbing down crags as the rain gets harder. Heavy drops dripping from wet branches and from my hair. Getting wet and a little bit hangry, but luckily food and a hot shower is only an hour away.

Memories of a rainy day in October I will never forget.

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2 comment/s

  1. Hi meine Liebe
    Wow, die Bilder sind echt wunderschön geworden.
    So eine richtig schöne Herbst-Serie.
    Alles Liebe Lena