Hello November!

It's kind of hard for me to believe that November is already here! I mean, doesn't it feel like fall just started yesterday? I've certainly had a great past month but if I'm honest, October went by a bit too fast for my taste. I've been so busy with life and I feel like the whole year went by in a blur, my brain probably still thinks it's August, haha.

I actually didn't get around to writing half of the blogposts I wanted to post in October and ended up sharing stuff on Instagram instead, so I thought today I'd put together a monthly flashback with some of my favorite Instagram memories from the past few weeks!

On the first Sunday of the month, a very warm and sunny day, I went to Dresden for WWIM12 and spent hours upon hours walking around Dresden-Neustadt and taking pictures with many other Instagramers. Unfortunately, I felt a bit anxious and lonely the whole day and therefore couldn't really enjoy it and ended up not taking many great pictures. As much as I like and have gotten used to meeting new people through Instagram, my photography and YouTube over the past couple of years, being with a whole group of strangers and having nobody to talk to and/or nothing to talk about still makes me feel hella uncomfortable. I'm a true introvert, after all. Well, you live and you learn. (I'm glad I went and got to explore the city though.)

I also spent a weekend in and around Hamburg with my family (and even though it was really nice and I had planned on writing a blogpost about it, I didn't take many great pictures there either), met up with Yve, and took long walks in the beautiful autumnal forests when I wasn't busy with work or feeling like shit (I was actually sick for the first time in three years this past week!) and the weather wasn't all grey/rainy/miserable.

Standing in a car park on a rainy Friday, I realized that I get inspired by the most random things and that pictures of concrete, reflections and greyness deserve a whole blogpost. I also took the time to photograph a couple more tutorials for the Make Up Factory Academy, which is a lot of fun but literally takes hours! You should actually go check out the looks I've created so far! And - drum rolls, please! - I finally got my Bachelor's certificate and officially graduated from college, wohooo!

After hopping on the liquid lipstick bandwagon and absolutely falling in love with the texture and longevity of these products, I ordered a couple more goodies from the LASplash Smitten Liptint Mousse range. I am obsessed! Thanks for introducing me to the brand Jutta! My favorites so far are Gigi (formerly called Ginny and pictured on the left) and Charmed (which is the nude shade on the right that I actually bought off Jutta's friend Irina, who didn't like it as much).

And talking about beauty and makeup stuff, since I started working this month and have to get up early every day now, I actually don't really take the time to do my makeup anymore. I usually only put on a bit of concealer, powder and eyebrow gel, and mascara if I feel like it, so I don't look all too ghostly and that's that. On the weekends, however, I still like playing around with a bit of color and trying out new products for you guys. My holy grail item right now would probably be Maybelline's Instant Anti Age Rewind Concealer, which I discovered at the beginning of the month.

October was great, but here's to a whole new 30 days with lots of new amazing memories, hopefully, haha!

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