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August 31, 2015

Dear Internet,
Strasbourg was beautiful. We stayed there for only two short nights passing through to the actual destination of our summer vacation in Normandy, France, and I feel like I didn't really start taking good pictures until after we left Strasbourg, but I still want to share some of the memories I made with you.

The weather was actually quite grey and chilly on the particular Sunday we went to explore the city centre, compared to the temperatures we had here in central Europe the weeks prior to our trip at least, but I must say I was pretty happy about that. I got to wear my favorite leather jacket and a new pair of trousers, and everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt. The city was obviously a lot less busy than on a weekday but somehow still jam packed with tour groups and hundreds of grey- and white-haired people, some of which were holding their tablets and others were taking pictures with ancient film cameras.

We were walking around, exploring, drifting; you could hear our footsteps, our calm converstations and every now and then a low-voiced "Stop!" signaling that I was stopping to take pictures, followed by the sound of the shutter releasing. We had a map our host had printed out for us but we didn't really follow any specific route. We were just walking around aimlessly, breathing in the vibe of the city. If you asked me now, I actually wouldn't be able to tell you a lot of facts about Strasbourg, but I would certainly be able to describe how it felt to be there. I just enjoy soaking in my surroundings.

The cathedral was huge. A bit out of proportion compared to the buildings around it in my opinion, and certainly too vast to capture with my 50mm lens, but still very pretty from the outside. (There were way too many people queuing to go in, so we didn't want to wait in line to see it from the inside.) Apart from that, different smaller churches, many old timber-framed buildings and rivers define the (historic) townscape. Strasbourg ist definitely very picturesque, but sadly, I feel like my photos don't really do that justice.

But maybe the snippets in my short video do?

Anyway, that's it for my Strasbourg experience! My next postcard will be the one from Normandy, which I am a lot more excited about!

Lots of love, Luisa!

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