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August 08, 2015

Dear Internet,
the other day one of my good friends from uni and I hopped on an early morning bus to Berlin. We had been planning our short day trip to the German capital for a couple months and the day we ended up going happened to be a sweaty, sunny and crowded Monday. (I don't actually know if I'd recommend visiting Berlin in the summer, especially during the German summer holidays ... probably not. I wouldn't go again during that time anyway; I much prefer exploring cities when it's not as hot and less busy.) But we obviously had a great time walking around, taking pictures and seeing some of the sights nonetheless, and here's what our day looked like:

We arrived at Alexanderplatz near the famous Fernsehturm at 10 o'clock in the morning, grabbed some breakfast and coffee and headed towards Berlin Cathedral. One of the things I love to do when I'm in Berlin is to walk all the way from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate, because that way you also get to see the Museum Island as well as many of the amazing buildings along Unter den Linden. (Can you spot the bird in the first picture below?)

After passing hundreds of souvenir shops, taking a few pictures of the Brandenburg Gate and some of the Reichstag building, we decided it was time for a short break. Luckily, the Tiergarten offers plenty of shade and benches to sit and relax for a while. Before heading on to Potsdamer Platz, we took a few minutes to soak in some melancholy at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, one of my all time favorite places of the city. Standing between those massive concrete blocks always makes me really pensive. Plus, it's just such an incredibly photogenic and atmospheric place.

We took the subway and then a train from Potsdamer Platz to Kurfürstendamm. I had never been to Bikini Berlin and was really surprised by the overall feel of the building; I loved how modern and different it looked from the inside. It was almost 2:30 p.m. when we realized we were quite hungry and decided to get some lunch. As Kurfürstendamm is famous for its shops, we browsed a bit after eating our salads, but didn't really buy anything (I only got a black backpack from Forever 21 which I'll show you another time).

Before taking the train to Hackescher Markt (and then walking back to Alexanderplatz), we passed the Memorial Church and went into the new building. And as much as I like damaged and old parts, I didn't like the new church at all. I'm just not the biggest fan of Egon Eiermann's work, I guess, and so I didn't even bother to edit and show you the picture I took inside the building.

When we arrived at Hackescher Markt it was still boiling hot, and even though I don't really like coke in general and I totally don't get that new stevia hype, I was definitely thankful for the free ice-cold drinks we were offered there. We walked back to Alexanderplatz where we went into Primark for approximately ten minutes and then left without even really looking at stuff, because damn, people were going mental in that store! Then we bought sandwiches and donuts for dinner, ate and hopped back on the bus home.

And I think that pretty much all I have to say about our day trip to Berlin. It's a hip and vibrant city and without a doubt worth the visit, but when we walked the sweaty and busy streets, I realized that wouldn't want to live there.

Have you been to Berlin before? What's your favorite sight or part of the city?

Lots of love, Luisa!

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  1. Wahnsinnig schöne Bilder!
    Da bekommt man gleich Lust auch nach Berlin zu fahren :)

    1. Aw, Danke, freut mich, dass dir der Post gefallen hat! :)

  2. richtig tolle Fotos :-) gefällt mir sehr gut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. das freut mich wirklich, danke julia! :)

  3. Ich bin auch sehr begeistert von Deinem Post!

    Weiter so!

    sommerliche Grüße

    Lenchen vom Testereiwahnsinn

    1. danke für deinen lieben kommentar! freut mich, dass dir der beitrag gefällt! :)