25 facts about me

July 13, 2015

Oh hey! I never really wrote a proper first blogpost or made a video introducing myself, so I decided to share a couple (more or less) interesting facts about me today. Some of you may follow me for a while but I am pretty sure most of you don't know any of the things I am about to tell you, as I have never really shared many personal facts before. And yeah, I also thought it was about time I wrote a decent English post! 

I hope some of these things are interesting and I would also love to get to know you more, so leave me a random fact about you down in the comments!

1 I love taking wedding pictures but I'm not sure if I really want to get married myself. 
2 Fall is my favorite time of year.
3 I am a child of divorce.
4 My stepdad is the one who got me into photography. 
5 According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am an INFJ.
6 I was a pescetarian for 8 or 9 years.
7 I never really follow recipes when I cook.
8 Apparently I don't have the strong accent my area/state is known for. 
9 I collect blushes.
10 Several years ago I had a pixie cut. It just didn't suit me at all.
11 I am short and curvy.
12 If I remember correctly, I have been to 18 different countries so far in my life.
13 I don't like most of the music that's being played on the radio.
14 Bad weather generally makes me unhappy.
15 I am fascinated by pylons.

16 I really like my eye color.
17 Most of the dreams I have at night are incredibly confusing and weird.
18 I had braces up until I was 20 and I hated them. 
19 I love wearing makeup, but sometimes I feel prettier/more comfortable without it.
20 After my A-levels in 2011, I worked at TK Maxx for a year.
21 I have a pretty good sense of direction.
22 I don't really like alcohol.
23 I am still dating my first boyfriend.
24 Creating my Flickr account five years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made.
25 I wish English was my mother tongue.

And in case you haven't had enough, you can go ahead and find out 25 more facts about me in my new video:

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8 comment/s

  1. Hi Luisa,

    solche "facts about me" Post mag ich total. Ich fand da waren sehr schöne und interessante Fakten dabei.

    LG Myriam

  2. Ich hab den Test jetzt nochmal gemacht weil ich mir nie merken kann ob ich iNfj oder iSfj bin. Jetzt kam ISFJ raus, "The Defender", aber gehe nur mit 6% in Richtung S.. also bleibe ich wohl bei beiden Bezeichnung :)

    Schöne Fakten hast du gesammelt, und die #25 hier würde ich direkt auch unterschreiben!

    1. vielleicht sollten wir den test noch mal gemeinsam machen. ;)

  3. Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  4. Fun facts! I also rarely follow recipes, unless it's for a dessert. Then I feel like I have to or I'll mess up.

    1. yeah, that's what i do as well! i feel like one can make a lot more mistakes baking cakes or sweet things than cooking a meal! :)